Estate planning is the systematic approach to getting your personal and financial affairs in order in the event you become mentally incapacitated or pass away.

Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament is the most important building block to any estate plan. It sets forth the essential details of who will inherit your property; explains when and how he/she/they will inherit it. You will name an executor or personal representative, who will be responsible for settling your final affairs and guiding your estate through the probate process. Your last will and testament will also appoint a guardian for any minor children you may have. In order for the Superior Court of San Diego to consider your will valid, at least two witnesses are required to sign.

Living Wills

This type of Advanced Health Care Directive allows you approve or decline certain life-sustaining decisions and medical care in the event that you can no longer speak for yourself. You may limit the individual instructions to take effect only under certain circumstances.

Advanced Health Care Directives

Advanced Health Care Directives (AHCD) are legal documents that set forth the specific and/or limited health care decisions for your designated person (agent) to communicate to healthcare professionals on your behalf in the event you are unable to do so yourself. You may choose your agent and appoint alternate agents to choose or discharge healthcare providers; consent or refuse tests, procedures and medications, etc. You may change or revoke your Health Care Directive at any time. **Pair your AHCD with a POA and Living Will for added value and piece of mind**

Powers of Attorney

Sometimes life can present us with grim situations in which we must consider appointing someone with making decisions for us in the event we become incapacitated to do it ourselves. To avoid having your loved ones going through a Conservatorship (court proceeding) to handle your financial or health care matters, you have the option to appoint an agent for financial matters and an agent for health care issues with a respective Durable Power of Attorney.

Legal Form Solution can prepare your Durable Power of Attorney to appoint a trusted person to make financial and/or medical decisions for you.

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Estate Planning Documents Price
Individual Will$200
Living Wills$100
Advanced Health Care Directives$100
Power of AttorneyDurable or Financial$100
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