Civil Complaints

People who file a lawsuit on behalf of themselves and do not require legal representation are Pro Se or Pro Per litigants. If you are in Pro Per and choose to file your legal complaint with the Superior Court rather than Small Claims, you know the cause of action and the amount of damages you (plaintiff) claim against the defendant, you can trust that LFS will get your paperwork in order and ready to file. We can also file the complaint and guide you with the following steps.

Civil Answer Document Preparation

If you have been served with a civil matter petition, you may want to opt for filing an Answer. We can prepare your responsive pleading before default judgment against you can be entered. Legal Form Solution understands that responsive pleadings are time-sensitive, which is why we keep updated on the courts’ most recent forms to avoid any delays with your filings.

Name Change

Civil name changes and restoral of former names for minors and adults. Whether you need to change your name after marriage dissolution is final, mistakes in immigration process, change of gender identity, or any other reason, we can help you through the process of getting your name changed.

Case Management Statements

If you are a party in a lawsuit and have an upcoming Case Management Conference, we can prepare and file your Case Management Statement within the corresponding deadline prior to your hearing.

Request/Default Judgments

Once you have filed and served the defendant in your case and if you have not received a response to your complaint, let us help you with your Request for Entry of Default Judgment.

Small Claims

Legal Form Solution can help you prepare your Small Claims petition to help you resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively. We will walk you through filing, setting trial date, getting the defendant served and presenting your case in front of the judge.

Civil Law Documents Price
PetitionLimited - 1 Cause of Action
Additional Cause of Action
Answer to ComplaintVerified
Small ClaimsPreparation of claim, submission to court, schedule trial and arrange for service of process$215
Case Management StatementsContact us for a quoteContact us for a quote
Request for Entry of JudgmentContact us for a quoteContact us for a quote
Name ChangeGender Name Change
Name Change
Gender: $250
Name only: $350 (includes publication)