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What We Do

Legal Form Solution offers virtual, legal document assistance in the state of California. We prepare court documents for Californians as a cost-saving alternative to many who would not be able to obtain legal services otherwise. We handle a wide range of legal documents in the following categories:

Business Law
Civil Law
Family Law
Estate Planning
and more...

Our flat fee pricing, vast experience in preparing legal documents, and super easy process keeps our clients satisfied. However, we are not lawyers and we do not provide legal advice. Should we deem your matter to be complex in nature, we will certainly refer you to an attorney.

Our Goal Is Your Progress

Your progress stems from our know-how and attention to detail. From initial contact to delivery, we're here to help you achieve resolution to your legal document matters.

Get It Right The First Time!

Many legal forms can be very confusing; incorrectly filled out forms could delay your case, possibly for a long time. Legal Form Solution can help you avoid the pitfalls and also make sure every important detail on your forms is accounted for. We are the best choice for your self-help legal endeavors. As bonded and registered LDA professionals trained in multiple fields, there are a number of services we can provide.

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Our process is simple; we believe the best process is transparent and inclusive, so you can be informed every step of the journey.

Our procedure is designed to be both effective and efficient in giving our clients a clear breakdown of our services and what to expect when they hire us.


Step 1

We gather your information and all the necessary details for your case. Also, we explain our process as well as how our work will be completed.

Step 2

We maintain a dialogue with you while we prepare your documents. Once completed, we will send them to you via secure software.

Step 3

If there are any changes or additions you wish to make, we will send you the revisions for final approval.

Step 4

You sign the documents and it’s done! We also file the documents upon your request.

Choose What's Best For You!

When dealing with legal matters choose the option that best suits your situation!

If you don't need legal advice, why hire an attorney?

Lawyers bill by the hour, which means your fees can add up rather quickly, and often without realization. Most Californians can't afford to pay hundreds to thousands in legal fees for common and simple legal matters.

Legal document assistance services are an answer to the on-going problem of climbing attorney rates and fees. Legal document preparation packages are a fraction of the cost of an attorney's retainer fee.

With Legal Form Solution, clients aren't pressured into paying hourly rates or expensive, burdensome fees. Know that you're in full control of your own legal situation, with the aid of our legal document assistance service.


Option 1: Hire a Law Firm

Law firms are expensive; however, if your legal matters are truly complex this is the best option for you.

Option 2: Do It Yourself

This option saves money but costs time. Also, legal documents are complex and if submitted with errors, will be rejected by the courts.

Option 3: Hire Us

We can prepare your legal paperwork in a timely and affordable manner, saving you time and money.
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Why Hire Us?

We provide a real solution for real people

Registered And Bonded

We are registered (#157 exp. 04/09/2021) with the County of San Diego and bonded (#2667155) for consumer protection.

Flat Fees With No Hidden Costs

Our services are provided on a flat fee basis. The price you're quoted is the price you pay.

Honesty And Integrity

We have your best interest at heart and that sets us apart from competitors. We honor the relationships we've built and the trust we’ve earned.

Free Consultation

We offer a 15 minute free consultation to see how we can help you with your specific matter with no obligation to you.

Low-Cost Alternative

Legal Form Solution provides a low-cost alternative to hiring an attorney for preparing legal documents.

Lawyer Referrals

By law, Legal Form Solution cannot provide legal advice. If you need to consult with an attorney, we will be more than happy to provide you with referrals.

Our Areas Of Service


We assist business clients with the paperwork and forms they need to establish their sole proprietorship, corporation or, LLC.


We help Pro Se litigants prepare and file their San Diego Small Claims or Superior Court paperwork. We also assist with name change proceedings.


Legal Form Solution prepares dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation, annulment or termination of domestic partnership proceedings at your direction.

Estate Planning

We help families and individuals to secure their future with Wills, California AHCD, Power of Attorney, and Trusts.